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We make traveling easy and fun with the great services of our effective Emirates Airways Customer Service. Be it about the booking of your flight tickets, guiding you with the right information, assisting you during the journey or helping you out by resolving your queries, we always give our best.

We are 24/7/365 throughout the year available to help you get the best services for booking as well as onboard services with us.

Information about Emirates

As estimated in September 2018, Emirates Airlines operated their flights to 161 destinations across 85 countries on six continents from its prime hub in Dubai. It marks a specifically strong presence in the Southeast and South Asian region, that together link Dubai with many more destinations internationally in the area than other Middle Eastern airlines.

The countries having the greatest number of airports operated by Emirates are India with 9, the United States with 12, the United Kingdom with 8 and Pakistan and Australia with 5.

Get Extra Baggage Allowance with Us

In order to accomplish this standard of service, Emirates Airways Customer Service understands that all customers are not alike. Most of them have exceptional needs that have to be met with additional contemplation. One way by which we help to accommodate these passengers is to allow them with added baggage allowances at the airport whose circumstances need it.

Generally, the quantity of baggage that you can check depends on the number of bags or weight. In case of going over this baggage allowance, you typically will be charged an excess baggage fee. The baggage allowance may change as depending on your travel class, route and your Emirates Skywards tier of membership.

To review the complimentary allowance of baggage, you have to visit Manage Your Booking or simply check your ticket.

In particular cases, though, extra baggage might be checked without any extra excess baggage fee. If you are not sure, get in contact with us by dialing the toll-free number of Emirates Airways Customer Service before booking your flights.

Get the Best Check-In Facilities with Us

We provide you the facilities of both online and offline check-in. You can check-in online between 48 hours to 90 minutes before the flight departure. Reach the airport no after than 90 minutes prior to the departure. Go through airport security within 60 minutes before flight departure. Boarding of your flight starts 45 minutes prior to your flight and its gates get closed 20 minutes prior to the departure. Get more information about it at Emirates Airways Customer Service.

Get Help with Ticket Refund and Cancellation Processes

For any query regarding the refunding and canceling of your pre-booked ticket, contact our experts at Emirates Airways Customer Service. We’ll guide you the best in each and every circumstance. If you’re dealing with any kind of issue during this process, feel free to get instant support from us. We’ll help you by fueling the ongoing (or potentially stagnant) refund process to give you the fast recovery of your money and time.

Great Guidance for the First-Time Flyers

One of the best things about our services is that they leave no stone unturned in fading away the anxiety of the first-time flyers. We provide you with all the information that you might need on board so that you don’t feel alienated during the journey. Our experts at Emirates Airways Customer Service will make you familiar with the processes at the airport and in the flight with their unbeatable counseling and guidance. So, dear first-time flyers, don’t forget to take our support in releasing the first-time anxiety and discomfort.

Get Information about the Airline’s Policies and Updates

Get the detailed and sorted information about the different policies and processes of the airlines such as baggage policy, pet policy, infant travel policy, check-in process, etc. with our efficient customer service. Know about the recent updates in the airline’s policies by just contacting our experts at Emirates Airways Customer Service. We’ll guide you to adapt to the changes in the most amazing ways.

So, no need to worry when you can hurry! Contact Emirates Airways Customer Service and get amazing services on every flight booking with us. 


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